Instructional Books and DVD's


There is soon to be a release of instructional books and DVD's...


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What Dysfunctions We can Cure


Each man may call his Dysfunction by a different name so we have listed them all...

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What is the MRN Solution?


The MRN Solution was formulated by years of science and research......

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The cliché for couples that have lost the spark in their relationship is to tell them to go out and get a little romance happening.
Well that’s great if all his parts are working where in most cases something isn’t what it should be.
It doesn’t take much for the fire to leave only a small spark in a relationship with all of life’s pressures everyday. 


Our Solutions

We will be providing a Solution that cures or fixes every Sexual and Erectile Dysfunction. Our biggest concern is how to get them to every corner of the world as quickly as possible before men do more harm to their bodies by taking unnecessary drugs. There has been 20 years of damage done by erectile and sexual dysfunction drugs, devices and implants, this needs to end now.

Once the world realizes that there is never again going to be a need for unsafe Drugs and devices we will continue the education on how these new cures and solutions can actually PREVENT men from making the wrong choices later in life due to insecurity from their sexual performance.

We have linked every type of anxiety to how a man breathes and are well on our way to being able to prevent and provide solutions for anxieties that are often only cured by anti-anxiety medicines. Our goal is to implement programs in high schools and universities that teach our solutions with health curriculum to young boys. This will educate young boys on how to breath properly in general and they can then apply to the areas in their life they need to to prevent anxiety and future sexual dysfunctions.

By teaching proper breathing and understanding before there are problems then there is less likely that the young boys will turn into sexually disturbed men. It is our belief that if there is already control over their bodies then the onset of sexual deviance has less of a chance to flourish in the young mans fantasies. This is not just speculation, our research has proven this over and over.

Our solutions and cures will not just solve existing problems, they will prevent anyone who learns them from ever having to go through the pain and humiliation of any sexual dysfunction.