Premature Ejaculation as a Young Man..


Sex can be extremely intimidating for young men just starting out to not only discover...

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Premature Ejaculation When your over 30


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How to Prolong Sex without Ejaculating Sooner Then You want..


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Premature Ejaculation as a Young Man...
Sex can be extremely intimidating for young men just starting out to not only discover their own sexuality but how to deal with the idea of a first encounter with a new partner. Nervousness and anxiety of how to act and react to the suggestion that sex might present itself may supercede the actual fun of the moment. I am are going to help with all that. I have linked the way a young man breathes is the key to how he is going to be able to conduct himself during sex.
After all my years of research and studies we can instruct a beginner step by step through simple breathing techniques that will give him complete control after only a hour and a half of learning and practice time. He will be able to apply these methods effortlessly and perform for as long as he wants every time! No more embarrassment or anxiety therefore he can focus more on the actual excitement of the time he is having as opposed to the battle in his head of the impending doom of what if's..
Even men that have been having sex for years are in a sense a beginner when it comes to sex.  If you have never had a handle on when your going to orgasm then you were never truly in control and because of that not comfortable in the bedroom. This can be somewhat intimidating and can also affect your performance.  You may not know how your body is going to perform for  your partner, and for how long.  You might be worried about how your partner will perceive you as a lover especially depending on the level of experience that your partner might have.
My techniques give you the most powerful tool you can ever have whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro..and that tool is CONTROL.


CONTROL over having and keeping an erection.


CONTROL over not having an orgasm too quickly…or in some cases not taking too long.


CONTROL over being able to have sex again right away after you orgasm, and not having to wait.


CONTROL over your self esteem in knowing that after finding a partner you will be a good lover.